Fear & Loathing is a Kingdom of Loathing Clan.


Founded in 2008 by Mowglia, the clan really grew after Ravenous Muffin greatly subsidized most of the clan purchases. After Mowglia's retirement, sometime in 2009, Ravenous Muffin was named as the new Clan Leader. A position that he currently holds with his second in command, ajoshi.


The Clan features a full featured Rumpus Room and VIP Lounge, as well as a three Dungeon Basement. We do not require Karma rankings in order to access the Dungeons. All who apply are welcome to participate.


The Rumpus Room contains: A Meat Orchid, Meat Bush, Meat Tree, A Shelf of Self-Help Books, Soda Machine, Comfy Sofa and a Ball Pit.


The VIP Lounge contains: A Looking Glass, Fax Machine, Crimbo Tree, April Shower, Pool Table, Swimming Pool, Hot Tub and Deluxe "Mr. Klaw" Game.


The Dungeon contains: Dreadsylvania, Slime Tube and Hobopolis.


The Clan also features a resident Pastamancer and Disco Bandit for your crafting needs.


After submitting your application, please message either Ravenous Muffin or ajoshi so we can process it promptly.


Thank You,

Ravenous Muffin